Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Months!!!!

Oh there are so many things to share, so little time, and so many papers left to grade!

What do Buddha and Daddy have in common?
Well, I can imagine this would spark an interesting discussion, but the answer is quite simple: words Rai can say! All three of us are still learning to communicate, and with out four words in Rai's Korean vocabulary before arriving 2 months ago TODAY, we were told that Rai has some language delays. It has been difficult to determine how much English this little guys knows since his decision to react is often influenced by toddler-itis. In any case, he does respond to comments/questions, such as "Where is your nose?" "Take that to Daddy" and "Give it to me." And with these new English phrases/words, Rai is hearing a bit of Korean (from Aaron) and Japanese (from me and my mom). Despite all the complications, Rai has said (at least on one occasion): Daddy, Omma (what he called his foster mother), Mama (Korean for hungry), Kee (for kitty), Goggie (for doggie), Ooyu (Korean for milk), Bodul (for bottle)...

...and as of today, Buddha! I had no idea what he was trying to say in the car until we got to the playground and he pointed to my necklace saying "Bodhi." I thought it was neat and explained that "bodhi" is a type of tree and symbolic in Buddhism (assuming none of this sunk in). Then I said, "but this is a Buddha." He isn't too interested in h's yet, but he did finally say BUD-UH which was close enough! He was so tickled by my reaction that he continued to say "Buddha" the ENTIRE DAY! The mom's at our first Mommy & Me gym class probably thought I was entering him into a monastery! haha No, no Mommy yet, but we're working on it!

Oh and he does say "No no nooo" in an imitation of my "no's." Although it's cute now, I'm sure I'll come to wish it wasn't in his vocabulary! It has really helped that he has finally mastered the nod without hitting his head on something in front of him. (Toddlers nod quite violently with little balance.) Now, he can communicate when he DOES and DOESN'T want something. By lunchtime today, he was able to pick out his entire lunch and ate nearly everything he picked out. (The applesauce must have looked much better than it tasted.)

We have several more updates, but I do need to grade several more papers before I can leave work tonight, and my pictures are still downloading from my camera. With any luck, the pictures and video updates will be ready by the weekend.

Congrats to the Family of B07_97!

During the adoption process, Aaron and I reviewed three boys' files. Although we knew in our hearts that Rai was our son, we wanted to ensure that our decision was well-thought and considered. At the other boys' files were not just "medical reports" to us. We had seen their pictures from the start and became emotionally attached to all three from the moment we saw their pictures. So much information is included in the reports, such as known birth family information and circumstances for the adoption plan, that it becomes quite difficult to get these two boys out of our minds.

As Rai's adoption paperwork progressed, I often checked back on Holt's Waiting Child website in hopes that both boys' pictures would state "I have a family!" just as Rai's picture did that wonderful December afternoon. It wasn't until today, after reading a fellow mom's blog post about the child she followed that I decided to check both boys' status. My heart skipped a beat as I read "I have a family!" next to one boy's picture! Congratulations to the family who as been matched with this wonderful little boy! I can only hope that he is now home and in your arms!


Although the other boy is still waiting for his family, I know he will be matched with a wonderful family soon and cannot express my gratitude to his loving foster family for their continued love for this sweet boy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yes, it has taken forever, but here are a handful of videos of Rai from April until now:

Rai Back at Hotel Seokyo - April 29, 2008
All play and giggles!

Dancing Rai!

Climbing on Mommy (and still making martial art noises - long story)

First Time at the Pool

Splash, splash, splash!

I still have several more to review and post, but this is better than nothing!